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El Lago de los Cisnes - Ballet Clásico de Cuba Laura Alonso

Teatro EDP Gran Vía

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07/02/24 - 08/04/24
155 minutes
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The show takes place between love and magic, linking in its paintings the eternal struggle of good and evil. It stars Prince Siegfried, in love with Odette, a young woman turned into a swan by the spell of the evil Von Rothbart, and Odile the black swan and daughter of the witch.

It is based on a legend that tells how young girls are turned into swans by an evil wizard, Von Rothbard. At night they recover their human form. Prince Siegfried goes hunting with his friends and meets Odette, the queen of girls turned into swans, who tells him of her sad fate and that of her spellmates. He confesses that only a promise of love that goes as far as marriage could end the enchantment. Siegfried swears to make that promise at the party to be held the next day in the palace where he has to choose a wife.

At that party, Siegfried thinks he recognizes Von Rothbard and Odette, but in reality the magician has brought his daughter Odile, disguised as Odette, but dressed in black (at this moment the famous "Pas de deux of the Black Swan" is performed). . Siegfried, unaware of the deception, swears his love to what he believes to be Odette and betrays his true love, whom he sees crying through one of the palace windows. Von Rothbard and his daughter have succeeded.

For this supposed betrayal, Odette has decided to die rather than remain a swan forever. But Siegfried asks for his forgiveness, and triumphs in a final fight against Rothbard, his love with Odette prevailing.